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Image shows party affiliations with blue hands raised for democrats 51%, white hands for independents 34% and red hands for republicans 15%, the results from the Jewish Population Study showing disproportional political impact in Detroit

Publisher’s Notebook: The Contours of Our Jewish Community

Snapshots From the 2018 Population Study A stable population of 71,500 Jews in 31,500 Jewish households, but with significant demographic shifts beneath the surface that provide challenge and opportunity for the Detroit area Jewish community. That would be the summary finding of the 2018 Detroit Jewish Population Study when compared to similar studies completed in…

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Many of the conference participants, along with Elaine and Michael Serling, seated at left

Growing in Focus

MSU holds its largest Israel conference as new Serling Institute is launched. Above: Many of the conference participants, along with Elaine and Michael Serling, seated at left. Credit: Jordan Noble Michigan State University hosted the largest academic conference on Israel in its history Sept. 16-17. More than 260 faculty, students and community members from East Lansing, Metro…

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Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres in the Knesset in 1985.

Shimon Peres Becomes Prime Minister

Center for Israel Education September 13, 1984 Shimon Peres becomes Israel’s Eighth Prime Minister as he forms a coalition government comprised of Alignment (which would become the Labor party in 1992), Likud, NRP, Agudat Yisrael, Shas, Morasha, Shinui and Ometz. Elections were held in late July 1984 with Peres’ Alignment party receiving the most votes (724,074…

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Mary Ellen Gurewitz helped secure the right to straight-ticket voting in Michigan.

Landmark Court Case Win

Ruling means straight-ticket voting remains an option for Michiganders. Mary Ellen Gurewitz, a lawyer at the Detroit law firm of Sachs Waldman and Detroit Jews for Justice (DJJ) co-founder and steering committee member, recently won a historic case for voting rights in Michigan’s straight-ticket voting issue. Straight-ticket voting is a tool that allows a voter…

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american politics and divisiveness

Commentary: It’s Time To Return To Civility

The toxic level of divisiveness in American political life today is driving families and friends apart and hurting our country. The hatefulness and intolerance that fuel it must be called out wherever they appear. Let’s stop looking for someone to blame and start looking in the mirror! It showed up in our own community when…

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Protestors march in the Woman’s March on Washington D.C. Jan. 21, 2017. The Capital Mall area was the starting point of the march, hundreds of thousands of people attended. (National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Daniel Gagnon, JTF-DC).

Politically Active – Women

After the 2016 election, women are motivated to work for change on both sides of the aisle. When the 2016 presidential election didn’t go the way they had hoped, dozens of Detroit-area Jewish women not only got mad, they got active. They formed new advocacy organizations including Fems for Change and local affiliates of Indivisible,…

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When politics clash on Facebook, friendships can go down for the count

The schools of the great sages of the Jewish people, Hillel and Shammai, were known to debate each other on just about every topic. The students of these two schools rarely agreed on anything; each strongly and passionately arguing the opposite position of the other, albeit always with respect for the other’s opinion. In Judaism,…

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Bipartisan Holiday Greetings

Let me begin by wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new year. I actually penned this column a week ago Tuesday, the day after the first presidential debate. What I witnessed confirmed what I already knew — I was going to have to pray extra hard on Rosh Hashanah. I think it’s reasonable…

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