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Law Of Giving And Hospitality. Middle Eastern traditional dinner. Authentic arab cuisine. Meze party food. Top view, flat lay, overhead

The Journey Within – The Law Of Giving And Hospitality

This law turns us outward to our environment. Before, everything was about looking inward to grow and learn. Now, we turn outward toward others. The law basically is fulfilled when we walk the talk and, at the same, serve the greater good of humanity. How we do that is totally up to us.  The important…

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state troopers move truckers under an overpass to help a suicidal person and prevent him from jumping.

Salute To Our Local Troopers And Truckers

From the April 24, 2018, Detroit Free Press, I read a rather soothing and encouraging news story that caused chills to trickle down my back. I read with joy, tears and growing fondness a most remarkable story of a life-saving squad orchestrated by family and community state troopers who flagged down truckers traveling at midnight…

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