Detroit Pistons ad for a game against Chicago November 30, 2018

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"Stronger than hate" with a star of david and two rhombus stars to imitate the Pittsburgh Steelers logo

As News Spread …

Detroiters react to shooting at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Congregation. Pittsburgh Shooting: The Facts Stacy Gittleman/JN Contributing Writer Throughout the Detroit Metro area, Jews turned to social media to check on their friends and loved ones as they learned of the devastating news of the mass shooting Saturday, Oct. 27, at Tree of Life Congregation…

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Hannah Lewis with an assortment of her own fermented veggies and sauces

Sour Grapes? Nah, Sour Pickles!

Louis Finkelman Contributing Writer Photos by Jerry Zolynsky Here’s how you can make your own at home in a flash. It feels uncanny. Put cucumbers in a jar. Cover them with clear salt water. Add a few spices. Wait a week or so, and you have delicious sour pickles in a tangy, cloudy green brine.…

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