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Joyce Keller in the Detroit Jewish News October 2, 2008 issue

Joyce Keller – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

Like many folks in Metro Detroit, I have family members with developmental disabilities, including a nephew with autism and a goddaughter with Down syndrome. So, it always makes me feel good to read about those individuals who devote their lives and energies to helping children who face challenges in their lives. An essay by Robert…

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The Detroit Jewish News’ winners of the Detroit chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2018 Excellence in Journalism Awards.

Journalism Honors

Jewish News writers take home seven SPJ awards. The Detroit chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists held its 2018 Excellence in Journalism Awards banquet April 18 in Troy, and Jewish News contributors walked away with several honors. During the event, Walter Middlebrook, former assistant managing editor of the Detroit News, and Rochelle Riley, Detroit…

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Israel Must Stay Vigilant But Can’t Ignore Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis

The Palestinian Authority’s bid to curtail the amount of electricity flowing into the Gaza Strip is more than political infighting between Hamas, which rules the coastal enclave, and rival Fatah, which governs much of the West Bank. It has thrust Israel, Gaza’s de facto overseer, into the fray. The prime minister’s office must step up…

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Bicycle trail promoted by Michigan Jewry links Jews and Arabs in Central Galilee

Migdal HaEmek, Israel Imagine a ruggedly natural trail for bicyclists that not only attracts riders of all ages, but also heightens prospects for bringing Jews and Arabs, notably younger generations, closer together in a quest to stem prejudice. Imagine no more. Such a trail exists. It’s segmented now, but ultimately will traverse 34 miles of…

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Opinion: Pluralistic Gathering Is Destined At Israel’s Western Wall

Israeli leaders should let wisdom prevail and enforce a derailed government-approved plan to expand a separate, pluralistic prayer space at the Western Wall. Four years in the making, the contentious ritual change in Jerusalem’s Old City not only would recognize the expanding non-Orthodox presence at Judaism’s holiest site, but also would preserve Orthodox control of…

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