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Windsor Hummus Festival 2018

United By Food

A new festival this fall, formed by a partnership among three local organizations, will celebrate Windsor’s rich cultural diversity and its sense of unity, according to its organizers. “This is really all about how food brings people together,” Jay Katz, executive director of the Windsor Jewish Community Centre said of Hummus Festival 2018. “We want to…

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Descendants of Judith and Jacob Chicorel at the 100th anniversary gala. Photo credit: Brian Masserman

Preserving Culture – Keter Torah

Keter Torah marks 100 years of the Sephardic community in Detroit. The distinction between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Judaism is evident the moment one walks into the building that houses the Keter Torah congregation at the corner of Orchard Lake and Walnut Lake roads. The mezuzah is hung vertically, just as they were on the doorposts…

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Chef Hunny Khodorkovsky.

Like Bees To Honey – Hunny Khodorkovsky

Hungry diners flock to the Soul Café for Chef Hunny’s kosher masterpieces — plus, she shares her favorite Passover recipes. It’s lunchtime, but Hunny Khodorkovsky is afraid to sit down for a bite to eat. Relaxing even for a few minutes will make it that much harder to push through her long workday, so she…

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