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Planning a Simchah in the Digital Age

From weddings to bar and bat mitzvahs, there are plenty of digital tools to plan your next simchah with ease. By Rabbi Jason Miller This year marks the 30th anniversary of my bar mitzvah. As I reflect on that memorable life-cycle event, I think about how much has changed in the planning of b’nai mitzvahs…

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a pile of books with an apple on top and some colored pencils and letter blocks on the side.

Essay: Purpose Makes a Great College Application

When I was a high school senior applying to college, I wanted a higher learning experience where the opportunities were so vast, the campus so big, I could theoretically meet someone new every day and still not know everyone. That was my defining characteristic for choosing a college. Of course, it was the late 1980s…

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woman jumping for joy near some pine trees and overlooking some body of water

Simchah Is A Mitzvah

By Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple There is a well known idea of “simchah shel mitzvah”, “the joy of the mitzvah”. It tells us that when we do a mitzvah we should enjoy what we’re doing. To perform a mitzvah with a sour face, even to carry out the mitzvah perfunctorily, might have its value, but it…

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Bernie (Bernard Jonas) with his children, Marc Jonas, Suezanne Winkelman and Rabbi Shmaya Jonas

A Family Man Turns 95

Remember your class trip to wherever it may have been? One memento was probably a class picture that, when unrolled, covered the table top. Imagine, if you will, such a large photo but of only one family. This is the case of most simchahs celebrated by the family of Bernard Jonas of West Bloomfield, who…

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Alexandra Kirsch-Thompson. Detroit to New York blogger. New. Detroit Jewish News.

Meet Alexandra Kirsch-Thompson – From Detroit To New York

Blogging for the Detroit Jewish News feels like a homecoming of sorts. I grew up in Metro Detroit and spent my childhood flipping through the pages of the print edition after my Bubbie Cyrille had thumbed through it (obituaries first), hoping to spot simchah announcements from family or friends. When I moved to New York,…

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These discarded veggies will turn into black gold for gardeners.

No More Waste

Hazon Detroit serves up healthy heaps of compost — just in time for Earth Day. In the North End neighborhood of Detroit near historic Oakland Avenue, there is a large patch of land where houses used to stand, houses where Jewish immigrants first began their American journey, that in time became the homes for some…

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