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The Day After Simchat Torah

By Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple There are three views about the day after Simchat Torah: “I’m glad it’s all over. Synagogue Season knocks you out!” “I enjoyed it. Being in touch with your religion for a month is great!” “I don’t take it seriously, just an occasional passing nod!” You encounter any or all of these…

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Simchat Torah – The Jewish Literacy Day

By Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple Simchat Torah is probably the only religious festival anywhere that celebrates a book. Most religions – Judaism too – make grand occasions out of historical anniversaries. Many celebrate great thinkers, mentors, martyrs and spiritual leaders. Many have times of supreme joy interspersed with times of supreme tragedy. But no other religion…

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Congregation B’nai Moshe Rabbi Shalom Kantor and PB & J teens at AIPAC

After The B’nai Mitzvah

PB & J Teens at B’nai Moshe continue building their Jewish identities. Today’s teens are inundated by “shoulds” — all the things they “should” be doing. These include constant academic pressure to excel, programs to build their “resume” for college and navigating the dynamics of our modern world. When do they get the opportunity to…

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