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Funambulism and the Childhood Diet; Safety Net Sold Separately

As parents, we walk a tightrope every day striving to raise happy, healthy well-adjusted children. We teach them to be friendly, but not to talk to strangers. We encourage them to make friends, but not to fit in at any cost, and we cheer their interests — as long as they fit into the budget and carpool schedule.
When it comes to feeding our children, similar issues present themselves that make proper nutrition somewhat of a conundrum. We want them to be healthy and maintain a normal weight, but not to develop an eating disorder.
In my practice, I constantly hear the same vocabulary used to describe kids’ palates: “He’s so picky.” “She’s a sugar addict.” “He won’t eat that.” At some point, this narrative begins to define our kids. When they hear over and over again that “they’re a sugar-bug,” they begin to believe it.

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