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Ben Falik with some kids from Summer in the City in Detroit

Jewfro: It’s Always Summer in Detroit

This is the time of year we usually put Summer in the City on the shelf. Jubilant June-July and the adrenaline of August give way to a subtly subdued September and, by October, others have oscillated into off-season occupations and, woe, winter is coming. This year is different. Pumpkin Spice Lattes be damned. And that…

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Summer in the City turns 17 in Detroit. 17th summer. SITC. Summers in the City. Detroit

Jewfro: Reflecting On 17 Summers In The City (SITC)

The winter I turned 17, I donated blood for the first time. For that first pint and the 40 since, I’ve overcome my anxiety based on both giving of myself and taking of cookies and apple juice. This year, Summer in the City turned 17, and I found myself in a similarly sanguine and sweet scenario.…

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Elliot Darvick, Lyft general manager for Michigan and Ohio, shares the front seat with Lyft driver Mellisa Nelson of Detroit.

Need A Lyft?

Ben Falik – Contributing Writer Native son Elliot Darvick heads regional office involved in uplifting Detroit transportation. To understand the success of Elliot Darvick — as Michigan and Ohio general manager for Lyft; as a son, sibling, friend, husband and father — you just have to look. I can tell out of the corner of…

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The mural at the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue.

A Mural Of Many Colors

L.A. muralist Bunnie Reiss coats the Downtown Synagogue. Los Angeles muralist Bunnie Reiss left Detroit’s only synagogue a lot more colorful than when she arrived, cloaking it in symbols of luck, love and protection. Reiss, 43, took a week to paint her mural on the back of the four-story Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue on Griswold…

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Melyn and Karen Rubenfire Photo by John Hardwick

Father-Daughter Team

Vivian Henoch Special to the Jewish News Above: Melyn and Karen Rubenfire Meet the Rubenfires, Detroit activists and founders of Project Healthy Community. Four days a week at the Fredrick J. Schulze Elementary School in Northwest Detroit, 30 youngsters in grades K-2 (and some of their older siblings, too), stay after school for a light meal, literacy-building…

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Jewfro: A Bad Poem, Annotated

On the eve of the biggest day in the 15-year history of Summer in the City, a day before my thrice-annual haircut, 72 hours prior to starting with the fourth cohort of Repair the World Fellows (the first that’s all Metro Detroiters), a week after the end of the pilot of a PeerCorps b’nai mitzvah…

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Jewfro: Finale Friday Forensics

I don’t run Summer in the City. Neil, Michael and I were 20 when we founded the organization and — like combat, missionary work and boy bands; it has elements of all three — Summer in the City is best run by 20-year-olds. Andrew Weiner, no spring chicken at 22, moved back to Detroit from…

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Finale Friday

Summer in the City celebrates 14 years of service with blowout event. Summer in the City’s Finale Friday ended the Southwest Detroit-based nonprofit’s summer of programming with a bang. More than 1,200 people came out to the Howard Hardy Crowell Recreation Center on Aug. 14 to participate in the biggest day in SITC history. Volunteers…

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What is Summer in the City? Read this SITCionary!

In 1774, Abigail Adams wrote to John, “We have too many high- sounding words and too few actions that correspond with them.” In 2002, Kwame Kilpatrick texted Christine Beatty, “IT’S NOT ABOUT TEENAGE FANTASY, IT‘S ABOUT GENUINE LOVE DEEPER THAN I HAVE EVER FELT.”

What, you may be wondering, do these two missives have in common? Summer in the City. On the brink of our 11th year, we may have finally resolved the tension between words and actions — and, for that matter, teenage fantasy and genuine love. The SITCionary is an evolving vocabulary of Summer Speak that captures the substance, style and spirit of our work:

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