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U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. where the House of Representatives meets.

Commentary: What Does A Democratic House Mean For Israel?

Much of the talk this election season about a new crop of Democrats who hold views on Israel that run the gamut from skeptical to hostile focused on politicians who are about to become newly minted House members. And so Democratic control of the House will undoubtedly spark angst in some quarters. For a variety…

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a row of mailboxes line a road with a lot of fallen leaves on it.

Letters – September 27, 2018

End To Palestinian Aid Is Short-Sighted Thank you for publishing Neri Zilber’s thoughtful commentary, “Why Are Some Israelis Worried About Cuts to Palestinian Aid?” (Sept. 13, 2018). The author presents a very measured, objective analysis of why the Trump administration’s current policy is causing great concern among many Israeli security officials who understand that when…

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Israel Jerusalem

A Forceful Act – The Taylor Force Act

Bipartisan-backed law a potential step toward real peace. It alone won’t stop the Palestinian Authority’s mindless practice of inciting violence and subsidizing terror against anyone or anything Zionist. But the newly enacted Taylor Force Act, which mandates slashing U.S. aid to the P.A. until the practice ceases, could help cultivate a Palestinian culture that recognizes,…

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