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Max Nordau - man with big beard and handlebar mustache wearing a suite and tie

Max Nordau Is Victim of Assassination Attempt

December 19, 1903 From the Center for Israel Education While attending a Hanukkah Ball arranged by Mevasseret Zion, a Paris Zionist Society, Max Nordau is the victim of an assassination attempt. Nordau, who together with Theodor Herzl had co-founded the World Zionist Organization, escaped unharmed when two shots were fired at him from close range. The…

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A card with a star of David in the top middle and some words from the Zinoisten Congress in Basel. Also includes a picture of the wailing wall and a Jewish farmer.

Leo Motzkin Is Born

December 6, 1867 From the Center for Israel Education Leo Motzkin was born in present-day Brovary, Ukraine in 1867 and was raised in a traditional Jewish household. Motzkin became interested in the Zionist cause after witnessing the 1881 pogrom in Kiev. He joined the Russian-Jewish Academic Society at his university in Berlin, which consisted of…

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Gershom Scholem

Gershom Scholem Is Born

December 5, 1897 From the Center for Israel Education Gershom (Gerhard) Scholem, preeminent scholar of Jewish mysticism is born in Berlin. Scholem, who was born into an assimilated German family, turned to Zionism at an early age. Scholem’s interest in Judaica and Zionism was against the wishes of his father. Despite the opposition of his…

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Reuven Rubin paints a portrait of his son in 1951.

Artist Reuven Rubin Is Born

November 13, 1893 Reuven Rubin, one of Israel’s most acclaimed painters is born in Galatz, Romania. Rubin (born Rubin Zelicovici), whose family was both very poor and very religious (his father was the leader of the local congregation), was enchanted by the stories of the Land of Israel he would hear from visiting emissaries who…

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Chaim Weizmann, shown in 1949, played an important role in obtaining the Balfour Declaration and became Israel’s first president.

Chaim Weizmann Dies

November 9, 1952 Chaim Weizmann, a leader of the Zionist movement and the first President of the State of Israel, passed away at his home in Rehovot after a year-long illness. Among his myriad of contributions to the creation of the State of Israel was his role in obtaining British consent for the 1917 Balfour…

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Israel, camel

70 Years Of Miracles

Like some of the past celebrations of Israel’s Independence Day, the fuss being made about Israel’s 70th birthday this year hasn’t penetrated too far into the American Jewish consciousness. While those Jewish activists who are already interested in Israel-oriented events are doing their best to acknowledge the passage of seven decades since 1948, for millions…

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