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yogi woman practicing meditation on a dock by a body of water surrounded by trees

Doing Nothing

On Sunday we celebrated the end of Sukkot, and in the secular world we celebrated the end of the High Holiday season. One month. Very few workdays. Mostly holidays. In Israel, most of the holidays, like a weekend, are days where most businesses are closed and there is no public transportation. Most people do not…

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Go Glorious

Most of us Southerners (read: Southernish Michigan) have been Up North at some point. Cottages in Charlevoix, white-sand beaches on Lake Michigan and summers (and visiting day) at Camp Walden and the dearly departed Camp Sea-Gull are imprinted on our souls.

Now, with kids of our own in tow, we are always on the lookout for family-friendly fun to be had and different areas to explore — after, of course, we’ve waxed nostalgic at our own favorite childhood memories. Here, a few favorite destinations along the Leelanau Peninsula (the area’s first inhabitants, Ojibwe, called the lake “leea-lan-au,” meaning “Land of Delight”) and its base, Traverse City — some off the beaten path, and some so awesome that the path is long beaten down.

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Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations

Why not start off your marriage with a grand adventure?

Whether it’s the ancient lost city of Petra, the Wild Coast of South Africa or the enchantment of Alaska, the world is filled with untold beauty. Here are a few suggestions to help you escape the tourists and honeymoon craze in favor of a more offbeat and adventurous destination:

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Winter Wonderland

Let it snow! Looking for a weekend on the slopes (plus tons more family-friendly fun), but don’t have the time or inclination to head to Gstaad, Aspen or Vail? No need. Two of the country’s top-rated ski resorts are right in our own backyard.

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