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Valentine’s Day Views: Even Barbra Streisand Slept Alone

Even Barbra Streisand slept alone!” This is the phrase my best friend, Tim, and I would say to each other when holidays like Valentine’s Day were fast approaching. Why did we say this? Because Barbra Streisand is America’s Queen, at least to Jews. In a career spanning six decades, she has won Academy Awards, Grammy…

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Leslie Rott's bookshelf full of books.

Meet Leslie Rott – Books And Love & Relationships

Leslie Rott is the Jewish News‘ new books and love & relationships writer. Hi everyone! I’m Leslie Rott. I grew up in Huntington Woods, graduated from Berkley High School and attended the University of Michigan for undergrad and my Ph.D. I then spent two and a half years living in New York, where I attended Sarah…

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