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Detroit’s Peacock Room Preserves Detroit’s Architectural History

Rachel Lutz helps return retail elegance to the city of Detroit. By Lauren Hoffman, Contributing Writer The story of the Peacock Room is the story of drop ceilings. Or rather, the story of finding what’s underneath them. “You don’t get the real richness of Detroit without really peeling back the layers,” says Rachel Lutz, founder…

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Josh Silverman.

The Golden Touch

Alice Burdick Schweiger Special to the Jewish News Ann Arbor-native — and Etsy CEO — Josh Silverman has a knack for success. This past May marked the one-year anniversary of Josh Silverman becoming CEO of Etsy, the online marketplace that specializes in buying and selling vintage goods and handmade arts and crafts. Since Silverman, an…

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Shine On

New local boutiques, businesses and brands you may not know — but should.

On the heels of the success of her year-old Midtown Detroit baby, the Peacock Room, Rachel Lutz has conjured another boutique, also in the lobby of the historic former-hotel-turned-condominium building Park Shelton, that is already promising to be equally unique.

Opened as a pop-up shop early in October to coincide with Dlectricity, a Midtown light-art exhibition, Emerald is more than simply charming — which it is. Like its sister boutique, it exudes the sensibilities of another time, starting with a dramatic centerpiece 1927 chandelier from the now-demolished Wayne Theater (donated by a friend). A wall cloaked in a theatrically styled curtain crafted by Ivy’s Custom Corsetry is yet presented in a very modern way.

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Late-Summer Faves

Our favorite shopping picks. This month, vintage-style pottery, beat-the-heat beauty and more.

Slip on a trio of metal and pretty-in-pink rhinestone rings — sweet for everyday or evening cocktails. The best part: Each stackable ring is elasticized, so one size fits all. The second-best part? The set of three will only set you back $10. Lolly Ella, West Bloomfield (248-851-3325;

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Grapes Of Mirth

Ah, the waning days of summer. The days grow shorter, the nights cooler. Finally, the grapes ripen. Local winemaking enthusiasts prepare for yet another season of home brewing. One of those oenologists (experts in the science of wine) is Zev (Victor) Wrotslavsky, a certified public accountant in private practice in Southfield.
Wrotslavsky’s winemaking hobby started with a memory. His grandfather made wine at home in Chicago during the Great Depression. When his grandfather died, Wrotslavsky’s mother inherited the equipment. It sat unused, but not forgotten, for years. When Wrotslavsky moved into his home in Southfield 25 years ago, he found grapes growing on the fence. His next-door neighbor, a dentist, was retiring from making wine and offered Wrotslavsky both the grapes and his equipment as well. So started an adventure in home brewing.

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