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Party Like a Pilgrim

It’s been like a frat house at the Kiddush Club over the last several weeks. What, with the recently concluded holidays and their associated revelry, you’d think we’d want to throttle down for a bit. Hardly!
There’s nothing we’re more grateful for than the chance to make a l’chaim for the Pilgrims and their astute sense of direction. Of course, if you drove your ship onto a rock, we’d drink to that, too.
Americans nowadays have few things that bring us together more than Thanksgiving. Black or yellow, white or brown — it’s all red, white and blue on that Thursday, baby.
So, whether you’re going to be priming the pump all day with football and baked salami, or it’s a wee bit more elegant, we’ve combed through the vault for some thematic drinks to make merry. Some are simple, and others call for some slight effort. Either way, they are KC-tested and drunkard-approved.

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