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Schmoozing with Sabrina Must

The DJN dives into dating, dad jokes and more with author Sabrina Must.       By Allison Jacobs Featured photo by Travis Norris 1. As a writer, where do you get most of your inspiration? Because I write personal essay (i.e. creative nonfiction), my inspiration always comes from personal experience. I find when I…

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Etgar Keret Sapir prize

Etgar Keret Wins Israel’s Top Literature Prize

Ben-Gurion University Lecturer given Israel’s most prestigious literary award Etgar Keret, renowned Israeli author and lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Literature at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), has received Israel’s most prestigious literary award, the Sapir Prize, for his collection of short stories, “A Glitch at the Edge of the Galaxy.” “I’m surprised…

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Essay: Lessons Learned From Receiving

One annoying thing about being a writer is that when you’re in the middle of experiencing something, there’s always going to be people saying to you “Well, now you’ll have something new to write about!” Even more annoying: They’re right! I recently had a painful surgery (all better now though, yay!) and decided to share…

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Rahel Bluwstein

Rachel Bluwstein Is Born

September 20, 1890 Rahel Bluwstein is born in Russia. At age 15, she began writing poetry and made aliyah in 1909, settling first in Rehovot and then at the training farm at Kinneret. After studying agriculture in France, she settled at the Kibbutz Degania in 1919. Bluwstein is considered the “founding mother” of modern Hebrew…

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Alan’s big scene in the Detroiters

For Openers: Coming To A Small Screen Near You

My column last month about seven-layer cake really struck a nerve, or a taste bud if you will, with Jewish News readers. I’m really not surprised. I had a feeling that might happen because you can never underestimate the power of 7LC. In the last month, I’ve received emails from former Detroiters who reminisced about…

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Time, Memory, Marriage

Author Dani Shapiro discusses her latest memoir, a searing look at life, love — and marriage. The life of memoirist and novelist Dani Shapiro is pretty much an open book. Exploring her responses to events both profound and mundane, Shapiro has written the best-selling memoirs Still Writing, Devotion and Slow Motion, and only last month…

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With Love, Alexa

Local writer Alexa Randolph publishes her first novel. Alexa Randolph loves binge-watching reality shows like The Bachelor and The Real Housewives, as well as the “cheesy love stories” on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels. She took inspiration from both genres for her first novel, With Love, Ella. “I have always loved romance and the happily-ever-after,” the…

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Hannah Gordon, the new Detroit Jewish News slightly alcoholic l-chayim alcohol and drinks writer/blogger.

Meet Hannah Gordon – Will Write for Booze

Hannah Gordon is the Jewish News‘ new “slightly alcoholic” writer. Hi, my name’s Hannah, and I love a good drink. I also love an OK drink. Every now and then, I’ll have a bad drink. I like classy drinks, and I like not-so-classy drinks. I enjoy a good glass of expensive champagne (say, at a…

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Lauren Wallenfels, the Detroit Jewish News' new Cable & Streaming TV writer/blogger

Meet Lauren Wallenfels – Cable & Streaming TV

Lauren Wallenfels is the Jewish News‘ new Cable & Streaming TV writer. My name is Lauren Wallenfels and I am a junior at Michigan State University. I am from originally from Buffalo, New York, but I was drawn to MSU by the school spirit and sports. I am studying broadcast journalism with a focus in…

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