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Detroit’s x games

Downtown Detroit will not be the host of the Summer X Games. To local surprise and chagrin, ESPN chose Austin as the home for the games for at least three years, after 11 in Los Angeles.

For anyone not xtreme enough to be familiar with the games, they offer a series of adjudicated events with moves that include the Can Can, Nac Nac, Cliffhanger, Nothing, Coffin and Lazy Boy, Dead Body, Double Grab, Hart Attack, Indian Air, Kiss of Death, No Footer, Rock Solid, Rodeo Air, Stale Fish (aka Saran Wrap), Sterilizer, Suicide Can, Superman, Surfer, Tsunami, Benihana, Hellpop, Madonna (see also Sean Penn), McTwist, Melancholy (aka Melon), Stalefish, Blunt to Fakie, Jack-in-da-box, Nose Pick, Pogo, Staple Gun, Thruster, Jolly Mamba, Broken Fingers, Casper, Anti-Casper, Casper Disaster, etc.

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