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Yehoshua Hankin - man with long hair and beard

Yehoshua Hankin Is Born in Ukraine

December 26, 1864 From the Center for Israel Education One of the most distinguished land purchasers of the Yishuv (Jewish settlements in Palestine), Yehoshua Hankin was born in Ukraine in 1864 and made aliyah to Israel with his father in 1882.  They settled in Rishon Le’Tzion.  He alone was responsible for purchasing more than 30% of the land that…

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Maccabi Tel Aviv (in lighter jerseys) plays at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 27, 1936, during a U.S. tour.

Maccabi Tel Aviv FC (Soccer) Loses Final Match in the US

November 8, 1936 Playing their final match of an eleven match American tour, the Maccabi Tel-Aviv Football Club lost 4-1 to an American all-star team at Yankee Stadium in front of 20,000 spectators. The team had arrived in the United States on September 14th for a tour that was arranged by the Federation of Polish…

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Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky

Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky Is Born

October 17, 1880 Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky is born in Odessa. Mostly known for his revisionist attitudes towards Zionism, which influenced some to take a more militaristic role in helping to bring about a Jewish state. Jabotinsky is also an exemplar of communal social action in areas of self-defense, youth, immigration and fundraising. In 1903 after pogroms…

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A 9-year-old Rachel on April 21,1948, at what later became known as Gan Ha’atzmaut — Independence Park

A Moment In History For The State of Israel

[similar id=45408 type=all] It was the evening of the 29th of November 1947. I was then an 8-year-old child who was aware that something very important was about to happen. Only in the coming years did I realize the full significance of the event. Almost all the neighbors in the house on 97 Herzl St.,…

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