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Max Nordau - man with big beard and handlebar mustache wearing a suite and tie

Max Nordau Is Victim of Assassination Attempt

December 19, 1903 From the Center for Israel Education While attending a Hanukkah Ball arranged by Mevasseret Zion, a Paris Zionist Society, Max Nordau is the victim of an assassination attempt. Nordau, who together with Theodor Herzl had co-founded the World Zionist Organization, escaped unharmed when two shots were fired at him from close range. The…

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Shmuel Katz headshot with a man in a suit and glasses.

Shmuel Katz Is Born

December 9, 1914 From the Center for Israel Education Shmuel Katz, a leader of Revisionist Zionism and a founder of the Herut Party in Israel is born in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a young man in South Africa, Katz attended a speech by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the leader of Revisionist Zionism and was greatly moved by…

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A card with a star of David in the top middle and some words from the Zinoisten Congress in Basel. Also includes a picture of the wailing wall and a Jewish farmer.

Leo Motzkin Is Born

December 6, 1867 From the Center for Israel Education Leo Motzkin was born in present-day Brovary, Ukraine in 1867 and was raised in a traditional Jewish household. Motzkin became interested in the Zionist cause after witnessing the 1881 pogrom in Kiev. He joined the Russian-Jewish Academic Society at his university in Berlin, which consisted of…

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Gershom Scholem

Gershom Scholem Is Born

December 5, 1897 From the Center for Israel Education Gershom (Gerhard) Scholem, preeminent scholar of Jewish mysticism is born in Berlin. Scholem, who was born into an assimilated German family, turned to Zionism at an early age. Scholem’s interest in Judaica and Zionism was against the wishes of his father. Despite the opposition of his…

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David Ben-Gurion’s body lies in state in a flag-draped coffin at the Knesset in 1973.

Ben-Gurion Passes Away

December 1, 1973 From the Center for Israel Education David Ben-Gurion, (born David Gruen) Israel’s first Prime Minister passes away at the Tel Hashomer-Sheba Medical Center in Tel-Aviv at the age of 87. Ben-Gurion had been hospitalized since suffering a stroke a few weeks earlier. After immigrating to the Land of Israel in 1906 from…

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The Great Synagogue of Aleppo is in ruins after a mob broke in Nov. 30, 1947, and destroyed Torah scrolls and badly damaged the thousand-year-old Aleppo Codex.

Violence Against Jews in Arab Cities

November 30, 1947 From the Center for Israel Education Following the United Nations vote for the Partition of Palestine on the previous day, violence ensues between Jews and Arabs in the British Mandate of Palestine. The first phase of Israel’s War of Independence had begun. In addition to Arab attacks on Jewish property and fighting…

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Barbara Ribakove, a white woman with glasses, smiles at the camera among many, many Ethiopian Jews

Resettlement Efforts Continue

Ethiopian Jews’ advocate Barbara Ribakove to speak in Windsor. Ron Stang Special to the Jewish News Editor’s Note: Due to illness, Barbara Ribakove will be postponing her visit to the spring.  Barbara Ribakove is one of the world’s foremost advocates for the resettlement of Ethiopian Jews, a process that has been going on for decades,…

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People in front of the Mugrabi Cinema in Tel Aviv celebrate the U.N. partition vote Nov. 29, 1947.

United Nations Approves Partition Plan

November 29, 1947 From the Center for Israel Education The United Nations General Assembly passes Resolution 181 by a vote of 33-13 with 10 abstentions. The Resolution recommended the creation of separate Arab and Jewish states in Palestine, linked by an economic union. This vote to partition Palestine gave the pioneers of the Zionist nation…

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close-up on the Israeli flag waving (a white and blue flag with a horizontal stripe at the top and bottom and a star of David in the middle)

Guest Column: NIF Represents Our Most Essential Jewish Values

Editor’s Note:  This op-ed was written in response to “Commentary: The New Israel Fund Does NOT Support Israel” by Kobi Erez on Nov. 1, 2018. Metropolitan Detroit forged my Jewish values. When I think of Torah, I think of Saul Rube’s Talmud class at Hillel Day School. I think of endless stories, discussion and questioning.…

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A map from March 31, 1945, shows Jewish-owned areas in red, while more than half the remaining

Land Transfer Report Issued

November 28, 1945 The Land Transfer Committee Report reveals that Arabs in Palestine willingly continued to sell land to Zionists in the early 1940s despite the British legal prohibition for doing so. Palestinian Arabs provide all the evidence that legal circumvention of the law was regular, covert, continuous, and sophisticated. As part of the 1939…

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