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Religion and Politics

NCJW Calls Supreme Court Decision a Dangerous Blow To Religion-State Separation

Jody Rabhan As Jews in America, we know intimately that religion-state separation is essential to our ability to live and thrive
Sitting: Award-winners Arthur Horwitz and Harriet Saperstein. Standing: Mike Smith, Jerry Cook, Stan Meretsky and Jim Grey.

Faces & Places: Jewish Historical Society Annual Meeting

The Jewish Historical Society of Michigan held its annual meeting at the Detroit Police Athletic League’s “The Corner Ballpark” on the site of the old Tiger Stadium.
Supreme Court

Jewish Groups Respond to the Supreme Court’s Ruling Overturning Roe v Wade

On June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling overturning Roe v Wade, denying that abortion is a constitutional right and leaving it up to the states to allow or ban.
JARC home manager Pam with Jonathan.

Faces & Places: Sensory-Friendly Performance

Nearly 175 people attended JARC’s inaugural Annual Ellen Labes Evening with the Symphony, for a sensory-friendly performance by a sextet of members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 

Strawberry Fields Forever: The Perfect Summer Fruit is Ripe for Delicious Desserts

Michelle Kobernick provides delicious recipes that can be used with strawberries.
Jennifer Maxbauer, NEXTGen Director Tomer Moked, Sam Dubin and Abby Rubin represent NEXTGen Detroit Pride at the Ferndale Pride parade.

NEXTGen Detroit Celebrates Pride Month

Following the Ferndal Pride parade on June 10, NEXTGen Detroit Pride hosted Pride Shabbat services at Affirmations in Ferndale.
Second-graders work on their drawings.

Faces & Places: Hillel Artistic Expression Program

Hillel Day School kindergarten, first- and second-graders participated in an Artistic Expression program in partnership with the Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition. 
Miriam Leary, Sharon Spilkin, Jodi Tauber, Sara Kravitz, Faith Miller and Sharon Ernest.

Faces & Places: Aces Chai Full House!

Anticipation ran high at the end of the night as raffle tickets were drawn, sending 35 people home with prize packages.
Joey Soloway speaks onstage during a Equality California event at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, Sept. 28, 2019.

Arts Philanthropy Reboot is Funding Jewish Projects with Joey Soloway, Adam Mansbach and Other...

The nonprofit Reboot Studios aims to tell a wide range of Jewish stories featuring an array of Jewish voices.
Matzah Ball Avgolemono

From the Home Kitchen of Chef Aaron: Matzah Ball Avgolemono

The Detroit area is a phenomenal mixture of cultural groups, all immigrating to our metropolis at various times for their own reasons and establishing neighborhoods, enclaves and retail districts in a beautiful patchwork quilt. 
Mark Nisnevich

Obituary: Remembering My Grandfather, Mark Nisnevich

My grandfather Mark Nisnevich, 86, of West Bloomfield, died June 18, 2022, 80 years after he got his first job at age 6.

A Word of Torah: How to Avoid Life’s Pitfalls

An unquenchable desire for the things that we don’t have can prevent us from enjoying and appreciating the things we do have.

ASTROLOJEW Horoscopes for Chodesh Tammuz 5782 (29 June – 28 July 2022)

Tammuz 5782: For the greater good.
JFS Logo

A New Strategic Plan for Jewish Family Service

Jewish Family Service’s bottom lines are 1) Financial and 2) Impact.
Simmons & Clark featured in the Jewish Chronicle

Looking Back: A Stalwart on Broadway Street

Simmons & Clark was established in 1925 by Fred F. Simmons and Harry Clark at 1535 Broadway Street.
"Detroit’s Wayne State University Law School: Future Leaders in the Legal Community" Cover

New Book Looks at How Wayne State’s Law School has Evolved Since its Inception

Most histories of law schools focus on the notable deans and professors, and the changes in curricula over time.